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Sun Centre

Sun Centre is focused on producing high quality, reasonably priced blown film machine solutions. Sun Centre Machinery Group was established in 1992 and is directly owned and managed by Hong Kong investment group, Karlville Development. In 2003, Sun Centre Machinery Group set up a new company named Shanghai Sun Centre Machinery Co., Ltd. and moved its headquarters to Shanghai to meet their customers' increasing demands. A second, modern production facility was inaugurated in January of 2004.

Sun Centre's high output and low energy consumption Extruders, Die Head and Air Ring designs are the most advanced in China. Sun Centre is also the first Chinese machinery company to successfully integrate a PLC control system, an oscillating Take-up unit and an IBC system on their mono layer and multi-layer Co-Extrusion film blowing machinery. Sun Centre is now recognized as the leader in blown film technology in China. Sun Centre also supplies a range of converting machinery.

Sun Centre provides a comprehensive service program from installation to operator training to on-going preventive maintenance. Service is at the center of Sun Centre's success.

For companies starting in the world of blown film technology,or for companies that want to take the next step to co-extrusion, Sun Centre offers a Turn-Key solution. A professional consultant will help the client plan it’s market needs, train operators on the machine as well on everyday quality troubleshooting, help with resin configuration and finally start up production of the various products. This means that a week after the machine is installed, you are running the best quality product, with the best and cheapest resin configuration. With Sun Centre, just turn the key!

Sun Centre is China's premier blown film equipment manufacturer, providing a full range of single and multi-layer extruders.


Sun Centre manufactures a wide variety of monolayer lines. Starting from the MIDI, a simple machine dedicated to the t-shirt bag industry up to the SM model, a completely automatic line with AC vector motors and drives, automatic tension control and bobbin change device. Working with Sun Centre machines will allow you to make a high quality product with a low initial investment.
Co-Extrusion-3 Layer

Co-Extrusion: 3-Layer

Sun Centre displayed a 1500mm 3-layer line during the 2004 K show that produced a high strength and high clarity film made of blends of LLDPE, MLDPE, HDPE and LDPE. The machine received great reviews. Available at different widths and with a multitude of options, including IBC systems, gravimetric blending, and trim refeed systems, Sun Centre's co-extruders can really make a difference for your business.
Co-Extrusion-5 Layer

Co-Extrusion: 5-Layer

Sun Centre offers 5-layer lines for producing barrier films with a combination of the following materials: LDPE / LLDPE / MLLDPE / HDPE / PA / EVOH / TI. These lines all features IBC, oversized chillers and increased tower height to ensure adequate cooling of the bubble.

Auxiliary Equipment

Sun Centre also offers a series of auxiliary equipment to upgrade your existing equipment.