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Material Conveying

GET Blown Film Systems » Material Conveying

The material handling system can be integrated into PLAST-CONTROL's gravimetric blending system. PLAST-CONTROL conveying systems can be supplied either with an integrated filter or for ease and efficient use a central filter system. The central filter with dust bin allows filters to be changed without shutting the line down, the unit can also be supplied with compressed air flushing for high throughput systems.

The newly developed pipe identification system used in combination with the material handling system makes incorrect coupling of raw material pipes a thing of the past. The system has the advantage of using a wireless sensor on the flexible pipe which does not need a power source, with the fixed side connected to the control system. The flexible side and fixed side are paired via the menu system, if the incorrect pipes are connected then a warning signal is given on the coupling and start-up of the loading system is suppressed.

GET Blown Film Systems » Material Conveying