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Gravimetric Dosing Unit

GET Blown Film Systems » Gravimetric Dosing Unit


PLAST-CONTROL's automation principles for extrusion lines over the last 28 years is centered on gravimetric extrusion control.With the modular contruction, up to 6 dosing units per extruder can be connected. The precise dosing of expensive additives and master batches according the recipe is released directly above the extruder throat - eliminating the problems of demixing and inconsistent homogenization associated with paddle blenders. All dosing units are adjusted in a synchronized manner with the extruder in order to guarantee an accurate recipe.

The latest generation of dosing unit now incorporates a high torque motor delivering a wide speed range making screw changes superfluous. Intelligent software control guarantees a constant low volume dosing directly on the extrusion line without loss in accuracy. The basic systems GT3 and GDC can also be combined with width measurement and control as well as a wide range of software options.

GET Blown Film Systems » Gravimetric Dosing Unit