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Air Ring

GET Blown Film Systems » Air Ring

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GET's air ring system is designed to maximize both external and internal cooling of the bubble. GET offers single lip, dual lip and double stack air ring systems. All three systems can be equipped with Auto Profile Control (APC) for precise web gauge control. GET newly developed fully motorized dual lip air ring (Patent Pending) allows operator to precisely control upper lip and perforated chimney positions via stepping motors.

Perforated Chimney type dual lip air ring

  • Adjustable upper lip design for wider BURs
  • +/- 0.5% air flow consistency
  • Finished aluminum flow surfaces
  • Adjustable chimney ring for improved le bubble stability
  • Available from 75 to 2200 mm diameter

Double stack air ring

  • Electrical actuator up/down adjustment
  • Suitable for high speed extrusion

GET Blown Film Systems » Air Ring